Having come to believe that much more could be done to improve the strength and performance of the current offerings in the market; they pursued new materials and techniques which would allow them to achieve their goal. In today’s world the concept of faster, stronger and lighter is the norm but in 1973 few saw the virtue of light displacement vessels and therefore the need for hi-tech materials and manufacturing methods to accomplish it. Baltic was at the forefront of the revolution that has produced the modern sailing yacht. They have stayed true to their core philosophy through 4 decades of boat building and find themselves among the very elite and progressive builders in the world today.

While Baltic has been know for building a series of semi-custom yachts in the 30 to 60 foot range, more recently they have ventured into the rarefied air of the superyacht world and are producing highly customized yachts in the 100 to 200 foot range. Baltic collaborates with many of the world's top sailing yacht designers however, do to their own estimable design team clients are able to work completely in-house if they wish, from concept to commissioned vessel.

Over the last two decades Hinckley has been known for their There are only a handful of builders in the world that can match the level of sophistication that Baltic brings to their builds and they remain as one of the most comprehensive and diverse builders in all of sail.