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Broker Report 40m Nuberu Blau
New Listing
80' Southern

Broker Report Whirlwind
90' Jachtbouw
Report- Whirlwind

New Listing 75 Catamaran
New Listing
75' Catamaran

Broker Report 90 Atalante
Broker Report
90' Atalante

Report of 96 Jongert Azzura
40m Concorde Philanderer Report

Report of Havana of London
100 Vitters Havana of London Report

Design Review Swan 82 Clevelander
Review Swan 82

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Sail Yachts for Sale on this Site
164 Perini Navi Sailing yacht for Sale
164 Perini Navi Sailing Yacht Silencio
154 Perini Navi Sailing Yacht
154 Perini Navi Sailing Yacht for Sale
136 Schooner for Sale Nefertiti
136 Schooner for Sale Nefertiti
102 Brooke Sailing Yacht for Sale
102 Brooke Sailing Yacht for Sale
88 Sparkman and Stephens sailing yacht
88 S & S Sailing Yacht for Sale
106 PJ Yacht for Sale Dance Smartly Sailing Yacht for Sale
106 PJ Yacht for Sale Dance Smartly
98 Philip Rhodes sailing yacht LUIS GINILLO
98 Rhodes Sailing Yacht for Sale
89 Don Brooke Sailing Yacht AURASTEL
89 Brooke Sailing Yacht for Sale
Ocean 80 Custom Taboo for Sale
Ocean 80 Custom "Taboo" for Sale
75 New Sail Catamaran Yacht for Sale
75 New Sail Catamaran for Sale
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Sea Angel, 88 S&S Added to Sales Page
Taboo, 80 Ocean Added to Sales Page
Yachting Developments New Construction
WELLENREITER Price Reduction
Perini Navi New Construction
CNB Sailing Yachts
CIM Maxi Yachts New Construction
98'/ 30m Philip Rhodes Krogerwerft
Enterprise- 50m Perini Navi
Queen Nefertiti- 136 Sparkman & Stephens
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ALL OCEAN SAILING YACHTS is a specialized company dedicated to large world cruising yachts 70' and above. The sailing yachts we work with have the features and designs needed for sailing around the world and cruising extensively in remote areas. The crew at ALL OCEAN YACHTS SAILING brings years of experience in operating, marketing, design and brokerage to our clients. Our extensive background in world cruising vessels, sail and power assure our clients that we have the depth of knowledge and market background needed to help you locate and purchase the right sailing vessel from 70' to ultra large, to meet your specific requirements. We work closely with our clients and take the time to get to know them so we can identify the features and needs that will enhance their world cruising enjoyment and safety.

ALL OCEAN YACHTS SAIL has the worldwide exposure and expertise to market large world cruising sailing yachts across the globe. Talk to us about listing your yacht and our marketing philosophy.

Q: Who are you and what is your background?
A: I am a yacht broker in Fort Lauderdale, Florida with over 17 years of experience in sales, new construction and 18 years as a sailing yacht captain. Please see my bio for additional information.

Q: What is All Ocean Sailing Yachts  .com?
A: All Ocean Sailing Yachts .com is dedicated to the design and construction of semi custom and custom, sale of existing vessels, Ocean Sailing Yachts, full displacement Trawlers, and Mega Explorer yachts type vessels 70' and above... Click for More

Q: Are you restricted in what yards, designers or sailing yachts you can work with?
A: NO, though there are particular yards and designers shown on this site we are not restricted in any way... Click for More

Q: If I want to build an mega Ocean Sailing yacht, why should I use a broker when I can go straight to a yard or a designer?
A: This is not a simple question to answer; it is as complex as successfully designing and building a quality All Ocean Sailing mega yacht. The short answer is... Click for More

Q: I always hear “You get what you pay for”. I want a safe, reliable all ocean sailing yacht but I do not want to dedicate a FORTUNE to it. Is this possible?
A: There is a certain amount of truth to that quote. You will pay a lot more for the final top 10% in quality for an all ocean sailing yacht and you stand a high chance... Click for More

Q: What is the best material for a world cruising ocean sailing yacht?
A: Steel, aluminum, fiberglass and all of its derivatives all have advantages... Click for More

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